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Download ProHits
ProHits is available without a purchased license under the open source Apache license. We do, however, require that you register and login before downloading our software to help make it easier for us to relay important information about updates to ProHits. Upon registration, you will receive a password for logging in and download the software.

ProHits server, full version:
The ProHits server requires a Linux system that runs PHP, Apache and MYSQL. We have developed this on Fedora Core v9 and V13. Use of other versions of Linux may cause problems. ProHits also requires a sufficiently large storage space for anticipated data production.

ProHits Lite Virtual Machine:
The VM version of ProHits can easily be installed on a Microsoft Windows computer after installation of the free VM Player software or on a Mac OSX computer after installation of VirtualBox. 50GB free disk space is recommended.

We make no claims that ProHits is stable or secured against hackers. We strongly suggest that ProHits be kept only behind a secured firewall.


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