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General questions on ProHits
  1. Who should use ProHits?
  2. Can ProHits help me with data other than AP-MS?
  3. Which search engines do you support?
  4. Can I submit my data to your server?
  5. I have downloaded and installed the virtual machine implementation of ProHits Lite. Now what do I do?
  6. Why should install the complete ProHits version and not just the Lite version?
  7. Why should I use the standard Linux version if I can?
  8. Hey - I like ProHits. How can I help?
  9. Why do I have to sign up to download ProHits?
  10. I see that you are only transferring spectral counts for quantification... why not MS1?
  11. How can I look at my SILAC data?
  12. I am interested in viewing my spectra, but I do not see it in the ProHits Analyst module. How can I see them?